Depressed?? Try natural Help …

As life goes up and down , it is normal to be influenced by it but ,many times we are unable to diagnose if we are depressed or is it just a normal mood swing . It is important to differentiate in between normal mood swings and to be depressed .

Criteria for Depression 

Lack of interest in activities

Insomnia or hypersomnia (sleeping too much 9-10 hours a day or sleeping less that 4-5 hours a day )


Depressed mood most of the day

Guilt or feeling unworthy

Thoughts of suicide and death.

Significant gain or loss of weight (more than 5% a month)

Feeling bored all the time.

Poor Concentration

Liking solitude and avoiding people

Please note that in order to be diagnosed depressed one has to have more than 70 percent of the criteria positive ,in case one has 50- 60 percent criteria positive then he or she might have the tendency to be depressed .

Ayurveda says ……

” Breathe don’t judge yourself so hard , be easy on yourself … First recognise who you are and what makes you happy … No medicine can cure a disease if the causes of the disease are not removed … You are unique Vata , Pitta or Kapha !!!

… Before you look for approval from others ,,, check !! Are you approving yourself or is this a projection of conditioning from childhood .. whatever it .. let it go .. Don’t overanalyse ……..It’s just a thought .. and a thought can be changed ??? Isn’t it ..!!For any Ayurvedic medicine pro therapies always consult An Ayurvedic physician , self medication is not only harmful but makes one frustrated as he does not get relief and blames the natural science for it ..

Empower yourself …..