LIGHTNESS: The KEY to weight loss.

In this era of fitness everyone wants to lose weight. But do you know while losing weight we could be lowering our metabolism. How? By constantly trying to eat less. I wish to tell this information to all of you struggling out there with weight issues work to work on your metabolism instead and to correct the word from “weight loss” to “being lighter”.

In fact, making an affirmation to “feel lighter” is a much better way to think about this rather than “trying to lose weight”. Because weight is just a number for how much stress you have inside your head and how much heaviness you carry. When you think in terms of “feeling lighter” you will not feel that pressure and it is a much more positive statement.

Now how in the world do we end up eating more than required?

There is a funny story of a goat who was thin and his owner wanted him to put on some weight. The owner wanted his goat to eat more grass but the goat never did. So the owner one day decided to not to feed the goat for a day. The next day when he fed him, he saw that the goat ate double the amount of the grass!! So the owner realized that by making the goat diet for a day he could make the goat eat two times the grass as normal and eventually the goat gained double the weight!!

Many people are like the goat in the above story. Trying to eat less and cut down their diets. But all they end up doing after the period of dieting is eating more than before, just as the goat did! This approach lowers your body’s metabolism. On the surface it may look like you are losing weight but what happens in reality is that you end up feeling a lot more duller and tired. Being tired is not good as we know life puts up with various challenges for which we need energy.

So is there a better way to approach this problem? How does then one lose weight? Is it bad to lose weight?

It’s good to lose weight but with the right mindset and intention

The right intention being increasing your metabolism while you let go of the extra kilos you have. Right mindset means visualizing yourself lighter and happier everyday, building right connection with food. Ayurveda has the right advice for everyone and this ancient wisdom helps you understand your body much better than any other system would.

A good metabolism is an indicator of a healthy body.

If we were to increase our metabolism instead of cutting down on our diet, the whole process of losing weight would become a lot more easier, fun, enjoyable and realistic.  

Signs of healthy metabolism

    • One of surest signs of a healthy metabolism is regular sweating.
    • Feeling thirsty.
    • You lose weight at a normal pace.
    • You have energy and vitality
    • Good immunity system

Weight loss without proper understanding can destroy all of this.

How do you know if your metabolism is low?

    • If you are not sweating or don’t feel thirsty then your metabolism is low.
    • Food products such as milk and milk products, meat and heavy cereals lower your metabolism.
    • When you feel very tired your body naturally lowers it’s metabolism to survive the tired days.
    • When you have too many things spinning in your head your body will lower it’s metabolism to cope up.
    • One of the other reasons for low metabolism in women is a thyroid (or other hormonal) imbalance.

How to increase your metabolism?

    • By reducing the salt intake in your diet and cutting down on processed foods.
    • Ayurveda also offers certain herbs which can help you to increase your metabolism.
    • Spices, beans and vegetables increase your metabolism
    • You can also gradually increase your activity levels and do things that you enjoy such as trek, walk, or do Yoga.
    • It is extremely important to remember that do NOT overstretch your capacity. Do NOT push yourself too hard to exercise.
    • Do what feels fun, enjoyable and comfortable with an UNDERSTANDING about what you are doing. Do what feels RIGHT.
    • There is no generic rule for “which” activity or “how much” activity is right. It all depends and differs from individual to individual and you have to find what works the best for you.
    • Eat regular meals

VISUALIZE for the right mindset

    • Get up each morning and visualize LIGHTNESS and it will come to you.
    • Go for a 20 minutes walk in the morning and teach your mind to concentrate on this happening.
    • It’s about connecting the dots and designing a healthy lifestyle that suits your needs.

You don’t need to sacrifice your wishes, but rather just ensure that your wishes are ALIGNED with you.

When you increase your metabolism, losing weight will automatically happen and you will feel lighter – both in your mind and body. The energy supply to your body will increase and you will begin to see a glow on your face.

We will soon launch our new course Ayurvedic Consultant Online Course – Level 1 (Sixth Edition) on 8th April which will give you many such tips for your health.

Self help is the medicine of future which starts with understanding yourself rather than judging yourself.

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Dr. Shivani Sood

Founder Of Shivani Ayurveda

Dr Shivani is an inspiring woman who trusts in the power of being a female and enjoying the different realms which it brings. She loves to be a woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and is able to harmonize it with being full-time Ayurvedic Doctor of her own style, very different from the league. She has traveled extensively all around the world and held workshops and consulted many people since 2006.

Course of career

She helps treat physical and emotional ailments through the power of Ayurveda and also brings the knowledge of Ayurveda to the common person in a easy to understand manner. She offers consultations, courses and Ayurvedic treatments online as well as in her clinic in North India, Dharamshala, which is also home of HH Dalai Lama. To read more about her, please click here

Seven Steps to Transformation with Ayurveda

Transformation with Ayurveda is a program that is designed by Shivani Ayurveda under the guidance of Dr Mahesh Kumar and Dr Shivani Sood. It is a program which helps people to use the essence of Ayurveda in conjunction with NLP to help get clarity about what to want and take “action steps” towards that direction.

As Dr Shivani travelled around the world and met more people, she found out that there is a lot of information available but less action plan. So she decided to make, from the essence of her education “7 easy steps to transform under the guidance of Ayurveda”.

After undertaking this program a person is more clear about what the real problem is, and the steps he needs to take in order to get his physical and mental health better.

This program is also good for any Ayurvedic Consultant who wants to guide his patients in a proper way and wants to know what could be the first steps to take in order to heal them. The program works on a physical and psychological level and that’s the best part of this program.

Features and benefits of undertaking this course

    • Have the right tools to start working with your health.
    • Learn how to have harmony in your life the Ayurvedic way.
    • Experience oneness with your body mind and the nature.
    • Experience the effects with strategies which are time tested.
  • Feel the love and light within yourself.


Step 1 Thinking beyond mind

In this era where we are getting more sharper mentally, aren’t we getting less physically aware of our needs. Don’t we need something that will benefit both – our body and mind. Does that happen to you? Do you feel unclear about what you want? If you’re feeling unclear about what you want then the first step to take would be to think beyond your mind and connect with your body. And how to do that? This is what we would be learning in this module.

Step 2 Calm down your present

If things in your life are not going your way then it’s a time to just start nourishing yourself, taking it easy and realize that it’s just a temporary situation. This IS the time to really be there for yourself! When you don’t calm your present you lose a lot of joy and happiness. Learn to feel with your heart, not your mind. Develop oneness with your positive as well as negative emotions.

Step 3 Heal your present

This is the real part of the course. In order to go through a journey we really need to “heal our present” and move to a present that is in tune with our body and mind. Healing or present is first about observing. About setting priorities. About looking at the needs of your body and your mind as well, rather than seeing them separately. To go through the feelings of depression and confusion your body needs to be strong and powerful. You will need to strategize “what”and “how” you would like to do to calm down your life, because without healing your present you are not able to move into actually calming down. So you have to start taking care of your body and mind so that you feel powerful, feel nourished and have the energy to move  through stress.

Step 4 The big cleaning mission

We often think that detoxification is something that we need to do in a strong way but the truth is that you can incorporate daily good habits to get your body free of toxins, both physically and mentally. That’s the main agenda of the “big cleaning mission”.

For example, you can make yourself sweat better to eliminate the toxins out and within 30 days this would bring a deep feeling of lightness. However there are many other things that you could be doing to clean your body. Only a clean body is a place for having a balanced mind as the mind and the body work in conjunction together.

Step 5 Build good inner communication

Do you know who is that person who is always communicating with you and has the maximum influence on your thinking and your mindset? It’s You!! How you talk to yourself is really important! This forms the basis of transforming your psychology. What do you say to yourself in the face of seeming failures? Talking to ourselves in the right way is the essence of living and can bring about enormous positive changes in our lives.

An example of self talk to make this point more clear.

    • I will never be good at anything
  • I can be good at what I do easily.

Step 6 Experience harmony all around you / Connections

Connection is a really important step for every human being, because without connections we are like a flying kite. However high we may fly but there is nobody who is connected to us. Connecting to people we have to understand that people are of different types – Vata, Pitta, Kapha. To connect with them we need to understand the language that they are speaking. You also need to understand from which state they are talking to you so that you don’t feel discouraged by their speech. It could be your parents or your partner, but to experience harmony around you you need to learn how to connect with them.

Step 7 Follow Nature’s rhythm

Making a schedule in today’s world is very important part of life. There is so much about “making a right schedule” and “power mornings” and so on. It’s really nice to have to good schedule but what if your schedule is based on rhythm of the nature and is enhanced by it. By this you will be able to have more energy and lightness in your body. If you want to bake a cake you need to follow a certain order. Similarly nature operates in rhythm. Our body has a rhythm. For example waking up in the morning before 5:30 is much better because after 6:00 am the heavy time starts and it makes it much more harder to wake up. After waking up doing some exercise etc.

Transformation requires time and persistence. It requires a commitment. In spite of all this free information, please note that there is more action that needs to be taken and information that you need to watch in order to get the real transformation starting inside your body. With that in mind, Shivani Ayurveda would like to welcome you into a course of 7 days to use all there modules for your balancing and to make you feel happy and light.

In case you are interested, please click here to sign up for the course (Transformation with Ayurveda)

The next batch starts on 23 June.

What Ayurvedic psychology can do for you

We at Shivani Ayurveda have integrated a lot of Ayurvedic psychology in our work. Whether it be Panchakarma or just a consultation we pay a lot of attention to the mindset in our treatment with our expert Dr. Shivani Sood guiding the patients. You might be curious what does it mean by Ayurvedic psychology, so here is some interesting information about it.

Ayurvedic Psychology

Special features

Ayurvedic Psychology helps you to discover your roots. This means that it shows where you belong, what you have inherited, what you have acquired from the different experiences of your life and helps you see the complete picture.

We see the bigger picture

In Ayurveda, we look at problems in their entirety. We see the larger picture, rather than overfocusing on the separate aspects of your problem. For example, you may have a stomach ache, but rather than treat the stomach ache as a separate problem, we see how your physical problem may have a corresponding mental/ emotional aspect to it. And more often than not, THERE IS a correlating mental/emotional aspect to almost every physical problem we have and for true, long-lasting healing to take place we need to work at all the levels – body, mind, and spirit. This is where the approach of Ayurveda differs from the approach of western medicine, which tends to treat problems in a narrow, reductionist way without connecting the larger picture. 

Everyone is unique and so are their needs

Other than this Ayurveda also identifies each person as unique. And this is unique in the true sense, not just a philosophical way but in an actual, practical way we learn to identify what our body type (Prakriti) and mind type (Vikriti) is. And each of us has his own unique combination of doshas. This unique identification means that even our needs are unique and different from each other. For example, Ayurveda teaches us that the time management principles for a Vata are different from a Pitta or a Kapha. The Vata needs to find time to socialize less and stay focused more. The Pitta needs to find time to relax more, while the Kapha needs to create time to exercise more. In this way, we can see that solutions are unique and adapted to individual needs.

Beyong just merely healing: Ayurveda can change your entire life

When we have emotional distress such as anxiety, the western psychiatrist or doctor will most probably give us an anxiety pill. In contrast more than pills, Ayurveda relies on making changes in lifestyle. It informs us that our anxiety itself may be caused by various personal issues such as hurrying too much or not feeling competent in a particular area that is important to us. Thus it advises us to change the way we look at life and undertake lifestyle changes which will be more effective and long-lasting in treating anxiety as compared to a pill whose effect will last only for a limited period of time. 

Love and peace,

Dr Shivani Sood

Food Affects More Than Just Your Tongue!

“Let food be your medicine” said Hippocrates. True. Food has an effect not just your tongue, stomach and body, but also your mind!

We have to remember that if our body constitution is difficult to change, our mental attitude deeply depends on the food we eat every day.
Ayurveda offers some sound advice for keeping the mind in shape. Let’s follow some basic simple rules to keep a healthy and positive mind in a healthy and positive body.

Ayurveda believes in Sattva/Rajas/Tamas concepts that organize the world, human beings, ideas, acts and food also in these categories:
– Sattva is consciousness, purity, guidance, enlightment, ideas…Sattva is thus light and healthy food that helps the mind to stay focused and alert with fruit and vegetables juices, almonds, rice, fresh yogurt…
–  Rajas is movement, energy, agitation, manifestation of an idea, organization. Rajas in food produce more fire, passion and creativity as pickles, avocado, chocolate, sugar…
– Tamas is lethargy, ignorance, resistance to action, destruction, addiction, darkness. In food, Tamas promote easy and fast eating without consciousness that may depress us: alcohol, meat, micro-waved or frozen food.

We have been through the fact that nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body and mind, the basis itself should be the variety of food and its high quality required (local, organic…) Looking for one’s own diet should also reminds us that a daily routine has to be followed to take the best advantage of it:
– carbohydrates binges and over-use of white flour has to be avoided or less consumed: pasta, pizza, biscuits, cakes, bread are not only heavy in our stomach but are also responsible for rises and drops of blood sugar level.
–  low levels of minerals, vitamins and essential fat acids may affect our mental condition and induce eating dysfunctions and depression.
– we should provide our body a good quality of proteins to sustain a certain level of blood sugar: eggs, nuts, beans instead of meat every day.
-“be caffeine free”! Indeed, we need to stay away from it as much as we can: coffee, Coke, tea… deprive us not only from a good sleep quality but in large quantities lead us to anxiety and depressive symptoms. Moreover, caffeine has a diuretic effect in the body : it encourages the production of urine and leads to dehydration. For this reason, you should not rely on caffeine-based fluids, skip to fresh juices, teas and warm water, limitless!
– small meals are important to keep us light, not overstuffed and hungry enough for the next one. Eating regularly throughout the day (at least 3 meals), also maintains blood sugar level and attention and focus. Missing meals, especially breakfast, leads to a cause of low mood, irritability and fatigue. If you feel hungry between meals you may need to include a healthy snack (for ex. fruit, nuts and cereals)
– snacks are here to remind us to take a daily portion of yummy fresh fruits, nuts and delicious veg. smoothies.
Thanks to these small tips and steps, you should be able to make a choice between bad mood and good food, Bon appétit!!

Challenge Yourself!

This summer, we decided to take the health expertise, psychological and emotional support that we extend to our clients, to a larger audience through our social media handles. The first two weeks consisted of challenges for our followers — things that we usually overlook in our lives — a host of behavioural tasks, a health task and several lifestyle and wellness challenges. The idea of these challenges is simple, all that one has to do is follow us and try to incorporate the day’s challenge in their lives. Of course, the tasks are not easy. They force one to be patient, generous, giving and loving- aspects that are basic to human nature but things that we simply forget!

These challenges were based not only on the ideology of our treatment and therapy but also on the teachings of some great figures of history, philosophy, religion and literature whose words have motivated people across countries and continents. We took inspiration from Sadhguru, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Buddha, Osho, Dr Seuss and even Haruki Murakami and Rumi. This way, we tried to turn your week a little more beautiful by helping you take steps that would make you feel happier about you and your surroundings. We, at the clinic also ensured that the challenge of the day become the mantra of the clinic for the day. And sure enough, everyone went back home happier and came to work with a glow on their faces feeling empowered. The changes that we guided you towards seem small, but once you begin practicing, it seems like something big has transformed in your lives. After all, if you’re looking to change something in your life, you first have to start at the very basic level, which we believe is YOU and your characteristics. If you can imbibe a helpful nature, can start loving yourself, start focusing on the positives of your life, a not only nd can stop speaking negatively about others, it will make you a more balanced, thereby giving you a newer perspective to life. Once you get this perspective you can take full control of your life and bring about whatever change you wish to see!

In case you missed our challenges, you can find them below and start following us on all our social media handles now! You can make a note of these challenges and keep practicing on a daily basis.

1. “Don’t just change the content of your life, change its context”- Sadhguru
2. “Your sole purpose in this life is to help others, if you cant help them, at least don’t hurt them”-Dalai Lama
3. “ Open your mouth only if what you are about to say is more beautiful than silence”- Buddha
4. “Get out of your head, get into your heart. Feel more, think less”- Osho
5. “Do everything happily Talk, walk, sit happily. Even if you want to complain, do it happily”- Sri Sri Ravishankar
6. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”- Dr Seuss
7. “But we cannot sit and stare at our wounds forever.” – Haruki Murakami
8. “What you seek is seeking you.- Rumi
9. “If you never try, you’ll never know.” – Coldplay

Follow us if you wish to accept these challenges. This message will not self-destruct, only renew you into the beautiful person that you are J

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Instagram: Shivaniclinic
Twitter: Dr Shivani Sood

We wish you love and light 🙂

Depressed?? Try natural Help …

As life goes up and down , it is normal to be influenced by it but ,many times we are unable to diagnose if we are depressed or is it just a normal mood swing . It is important to differentiate in between normal mood swings and to be depressed .

Criteria for Depression 

Lack of interest in activities

Insomnia or hypersomnia (sleeping too much 9-10 hours a day or sleeping less that 4-5 hours a day )


Depressed mood most of the day

Guilt or feeling unworthy

Thoughts of suicide and death.

Significant gain or loss of weight (more than 5% a month)

Feeling bored all the time.

Poor Concentration

Liking solitude and avoiding people

Please note that in order to be diagnosed depressed one has to have more than 70 percent of the criteria positive ,in case one has 50- 60 percent criteria positive then he or she might have the tendency to be depressed .

Ayurveda says ……

” Breathe don’t judge yourself so hard , be easy on yourself … First recognise who you are and what makes you happy … No medicine can cure a disease if the causes of the disease are not removed … You are unique Vata , Pitta or Kapha !!!

… Before you look for approval from others ,,, check !! Are you approving yourself or is this a projection of conditioning from childhood .. whatever it .. let it go .. Don’t overanalyse ……..It’s just a thought .. and a thought can be changed ??? Isn’t it ..!!For any Ayurvedic medicine pro therapies always consult An Ayurvedic physician , self medication is not only harmful but makes one frustrated as he does not get relief and blames the natural science for it ..

Empower yourself …..

Treatment of Obesity

Being Obese  can be challenging specially in this era where everyone is so particular about every inch of their looks , whether going for plastic surgery or liposuction , all to get that perfect workout or bikini body .Is that right ? Well it is not a subject to be judged or criticised but a deep need to recognise that how we humans are made to believe that we are not perfect .In my opinion a perfect body is determined by ones body type . A body which is well build and has good energy and metabolism along with a good immunity system is a perfect one .Different types of body exsists ,mordern  science calls it Ectomorph Mesomorph and Endomorph , whereas Ayurveda calls it Vata , pitta , Kapha It is important  to recognise your constitution and then do the steps for weight reduction .A Kapha and Pitta both have the tendency to gain weight .But the one most suseptable to weight gain is A Kapha , as he has less ability to build muscles and has a soft body constitution which makes him have a tendency to have a lot of cellulite and blockage .If  a Kapha type tries to loose weight without increasing the metabolism when  they  the shift to the old/ regular  eating pattern then the weight gain is back and this time  with more less muscles ( due to dieting) .

So What should a Obese person do then ?First of all it is important to understand that the body is too heavy and every effort takes more energy so its not easy for them to change all at once .Give the things the time they need , get a realistic goal and be patient with yourself .Try to analyse and examine the patterns physical and emotional which have led to the weight Gain .Food change is a good start along with metabolism increasing herb like Guggul , Kanchanar along with this a diet which has less dairy , sugar , flour and meat abundant iv vegetables and low glycemic index beans could be a good option .Eating ten time small portions is not good for the Kapha as many get triggered with their taste bud nd end up eating a lot more than regular I I would recommened to have a early lunch around noon supported by a low carbohydrate breakfast and a cereal free lunch every second day .A check on the preserved and packed food is a must due to their high sodium content which leads to water retention which a Kapha is prone to . The factors which bring laziness has to be addressed, for example playing video games , watching television , outdoor activities which are  interesting should be done instead of gymming . Believe me if you are going to  love , understand your body and its need to gain weight / eat excess you are going to go far ahead than loosing weight .The weight loss will be Inevitable along with a peaceful , content and happier you .


Estrogen the female hormone which is responsible for reproductive functions when produced in excess results in over growth .
If you are suffering from breast cancer, PMS, fibroids, ovarian cysts, and other situations that estrogen might exacerbate, the following estrogen inhibiting foods help to reduce the disease .
Berries,Broccoli,Buckwheat,Cabbage,Citrus FoodsCorn,Figs
Fruits (except apples, cherries, dates, pomegranates)
Grapes,Green beans,Melons,Millet,Onions,Pears,Pineapples,Squashes,Tapioca, broccoli , cauliflower , cabbbage , bok choy , and brussel sprouts , citrus lemons ,Berries , onion and garlic , tumeric , fish , and seaweeds are really beneficial constituting two third of your diet to the minimum .