Tours on Weekend

Tours on weekend

Apart from treatments on the weekends you can spend some time visiting the nearby places on a day sight seeing trip .Dharamsala is a beautiful scenic town situated in the Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It lies on a spur of the Dhauladhar range in the Pir Panjal region of the Outer Himalayas; and commands majestic views of the mighty Dhauladhar ranges above, and the Kangra Valley below. Dhauladhar means "white ridge" and this breathtaking, snow-capped range rises out of the Kangra Valley to a height of 5,200 meters (17,000 feet).The Kangra Valley is a wide, fertile plain, crisscrossed by low hills.

People from all over the world flock to Mcleodganj to receive blessings and teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Its a spiritual bliss to have him here and his presence is felt everywhere . Western and Indian tourists and scholars come here to see the rebirth of an ancient and fascinating civilization. The high altitude and cool weather contribute physically to the re-creation of the original Tibetan environment. Dharamsala pulsates with the sights and sounds of old Tibet. Though certainly more modern, life is basically Tibetan in character. Shops strung out along the narrow streets of Mcleodganj sell traditional Tibetan arts and handicrafts and the aroma of Tibetan dishes lingers in the air. The clinic is within the walking range of the temple and visits to mcleodgunj is a regular day regime for the patients

Other Attractions At Dharamsala Tsuglagkhang Temple

The Tsuglagkhang Temple is the most renowned Buddhist monument in McLeodganj. There are three magnificent images of Buddha, including a gilded statue of Shakyamuni, statues of Valokitesvara and Padamasambhava.
The Namgyal Monastery was founded by the Third Dalai Lama, and serves the Dalai Lamas exclusively. A unique feature of this monastery is its diversity of practice. Namgyal monks perform prayers and rituals of all the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Norbulingka Institute:
  • Just 4-kms from Dharamsala, Norbulinka was established to preserve and teach the ancient Tibetan arts. The shady paths, wooden bridges, small streams tiny water falls make this place look like heaven. Here one can watch the wooden carvings and the tangka paintings, golsithing and embroidery being done. The nunnery close to the institute is a place where women are taught the advanced levels of Buddhist philosophy.
  • New HPCA Crickret Stadium
  • The new HPCA Cricket stadium, is one of the beautiful stadium with a picturesque backdrop of the mighty Dhauladhar snow peaks. The pleasant weather adds to the popularity and glory of the game and helps to attract more spectators to the ground who come. This stadium has a maximum spectator capacity of 20,000 and provides modern facilities, split practise sessions, new rehabilitation centre, lounge, bar, restaurant, banquet hall which can house 500 odd people.
  • Gyuto Monastery, Sidhbari :
  • Sidhbari is where is located the Karmapa (Ogyen Trinley Dorje)'s temporary residence, at Gyuto monastery. Sidhbari is about six kilometers from Dharamsala. Karmapa means "the one who carries out buddha-activity" or "the embodiment of all the activities of the buddhas." In the Tibetan tradition, great enlightened teachers are said to be able to consciously arrange to be reborn as a teacher who can carry on the teachings of a predecessor in a prior life.A visit to this monastery
  • St. John's Church :
  • One of the most poignant memories of the British Raj is the church of St. John, situated in the wilderness. This charmingly dressed stone church is located just 8-kms from Dharamsala on the way to McLeodganj. Under the shade of Deodar branches, a memorial has been made over the body of the British Viceroy, Lord Elgin who died at Dharamsala in 1863.
  • Naddi & Dal lake
  • Just 2 kms from Mcleodganj is the sacred Dal lake known for its religious water. The lake is regarded is the lake of Lord Shiva. One kms ahead is the famous location called Naddi, where you can see the Mount Dhauladhar very near and the sunset is worth seeing in the the evening. Naddi is a liked many for it's natural look and cool winds that pass by from the mountains.

Masrur Rock cut Temple

Fifteen richly carved monolithic rock temples sculpted in the splendid style of the Kailash temple at Ellora and dating back to the 8th century are to be found at Masrur, just 15 km south of kangra. Images of Ram Sita and Lakhsman can be found in the sanctum of the main temple. The temples are a perfect place to see the Ancient Architecture of India.

Chinmaya Mission (Tapovan)

10 km from Dharamsala on the banks of the rivulet Bindusaras, is an ashram complex established by the late Swami Chinmayananda, a noted exponent of the Gita. Courses for learning Gita are conducted here. The complex includes a 9 meter high image of Lord Hanuman, a magnificent Rama Temple, a meditation hall, a school, and a health and recreation centre. It is really a place to experience Spiritual environment .

Dham Devi Darshan

Shaktism, one of Hinduism’s major denominations, is the worship of the Supreme Being as a Divine mother in the form of Shakti or Devi. Gods in Hinduism are mainly a form of symbolism and are instruments to achieve enlightenment .One can visit the famous Shakti places of Hinduism from Dharamshala. The 4 Devi dham (char dham devi darshan) are visited by many devotees. These includes Chintapurni Mata, Jawala ji Mata, Chamunda Mata and Brijeshwari Mata. The Visit to these four places in a day is quite an empowering experience for females .

The Kangra Fort

This historic monument reminds us of the rich heritage and culture we have , The Kangra Fort is located 20 kilometers from the town of Dharamsala on the outskirts of the town of Kangra, India. the fort is thought to date back to 1009 AD. The Kangra Fort was built by the Royal family of Kangra (The Katoch Dynasty), which traces its origins to the ancient Trigarta Kingdom, mentioned in the Mahabharata.

Fall In love with Nature

Just behind Shivani Ayurveda lies untouched green lush nature . A walk from the clinic leads to a trail of Deodar trees and high content of oxygen .Yes you can breathe and let go of all the stress and tensions accumulated in your body .Who can heal better than nature ? In walking distance is The Bhagsu Temple to pray and experience Indian Spirituality . and The Bhagusu waterfalls which has historical significance. Apart from this on your free days we can arrange a trek for you to the mountains to have a wonderful experience in the Himalayas as Bhagsunag is a base camp to many of the wonderful hikes


Triund is a popular picnic spot at a height of 2827 m. The area is on the foothills of Dhauladhar range and is 17kms from Dharamsala. The snow line starts at Illaqua, which is five kms from Triund. The breathtaking view of the mountains and the

Bhagsu Temple and Water fall ( Our Surrounding and its History )

Triund is a popular picnic spot at a height of 2827 m. The area is on the foothills of Dhauladhar range and is 17kms from Dharamsala. The snow line starts at Illaqua, which is five kms from Triund. The breathtaking view of the mountains and the valleys makes Triund an ideal picnic spot and trekking destination. Bhagsu Temple and Water fall ( Our Surrounding and its History ) In our neighbourhood is the beautiful Bhagsu temple .The temple’s story is an interesting one, though it predates the temple itself. It is said that Bhagsu was a king, or a local chief, and his region was plagued by drought. He set out, promising his subjects that he would bring water. His search brought him to these mountains, more specifically, to a lake – the Nag Dal - which belonged to the serpent king. Bhagsu himself had

magical powers. He managed to transfer the water from the lake into a kamandalu (water receptacle), and started on his way back home. The serpent king returned home that night to find his lake empty. Needless to say, he was irate, and he set out to find the one responsible. He caught up with Bhagsu here, and there was a terrible fight. Bhagsu was lethally injured, and the kamandalu fell, releasing the water, which flowed down the mountain. Realizing that his end was near, he surrendered to the serpent king, asking only that the water be allowed to flow on, so that his people would be relieved from the drought, and that his name be associated forever with this place. The serpent king relented, and henceforth, the water flowed free, and this place came to be known as a combination of both their names – Bhagsu Nag. evening visit to the Aarti is a must to experience the Divine power of Lord Shiva. This is called a Pancha Mukha Linga – five faced linga. Normally, lingams don’t have faces, but these do, and each face depicts one aspect of Shiva as well as the five elements he represents. The top face is called Ishana, or Sadashiva, representing the sky; the east face is Sadyojata or Mahadeva, representing earth; the west face is Tatpurusha or Nandi, representing Vayu, the wind; the north face is Vamadeva or Umavaktra, representing water, and the south face is Aghora or Bhairava, representing fire. Near the Shiva temple is a short hike to waterfall . Thus the Bhagsu water fall has a historical connection and dates 5000 years back .

Things to do ParaGliding ( Bir Billing );

Bir, surrounded by tea gardens and an amphitheater of low hills, is an idle landing ground for hang/para gliders. Bir has Buddhist Monasteries that are worth visiting. Fine Tibetan handicrafts are also produced here. Billing up in the hills, 14 km from Bir. Billing at Bir is known as the host for International Pre World cup Paragliding tournament held every year in the month of Sep - Oct.

Kareri Lake trek

Located high between the ranges of Dhauladhar is the perfect elliptical glacialake – Kareri Dal.While majority of the backpackers are seen flocking to Triund or Indrahar Pass circuit, this short trek to Kareri Lake makes for a richer and quieter experience.

Visit Andretta (Shoba Singh Art Gallery) :

Just 13 km from Palampur is the charming village of Andretta where once lived, a few years ago Mrs. Norah Richards, pioneer of rural theatre in India, lover of mountains and ardent disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. Her tall slender figure enveloped in voluminous black silk skirt and topped by a crown of snowy white hair, striding along the walks, is still remembered endearingly by the local dwellers that include Sardar Shobha Singh. A renowned artist, he gained prominence for his paintings of the immortal ill fated Punjabi lovers, Sohni Mahiwal, Omar Khayyam and Heer Ranjha.