Our first priority is your comfort, and the success of your treatment. If the packages above don’t fit your needs we can
adapt them as necessary.

If your condition does not fit any of our standard packages, you can email us your personal details along with health details, and duration of your stay. We can then let you know the different options along with prices for your time period.

We can provide assistance if you would like to do any other healing meditation or pranayama course during your stay with our affiliates.

If you have less time but would still like to do the maximum possible treatments, then we can work out what is possible for you to achieve the best results in the available time.

The Basic Package starts at $90 per day all inclusive, if you want extra therapies they can be added on at $40 per treatment.

If you need more time for psychological healing, and to discuss their personal needs and approach to healing (minimum3) $30 an hour

Try our yoga classes, which place a special emphasis on spiritual the practice. Classes are per the program every month.

If you feel like you want a bit more you can add a week extension which will be concentrated on the treatment of specific diseases or health conditions.

We love guests to have the opportunity to see our beautiful country, and to learn about our ancient traditions. Due to the intensity of our treatments we do not include sightseeing and other tourist activities in our packages. If you are interested in other activities and want to make your trip more memorable then please email for more information.

Prices for additional treatments will vary depending on what they are and the purpose of the selected addition. The exact price will be determined after customizing your treatment options and the number of days of your stay. (Pricing for accommodation also varies between peak season and off-season) We will always give you our best quotes for the services you require.

If you are interested in adding more treatments, we can work to combine packages or design a course of treatment that will fit your requirements. (See the section on tailor- made packages). A single therapy can be also added to any detoxification program as per requirements.

Visiting a new place can be confusing. Our trusted travel partners can help if you need to organize your transfers and travel inside India. They provide safe drivers ensuring that all arrangements are up to our standards. This ensures that you arrive safely and eliminates the stress of organization. Services include
Airport transfers from Delhi directly to us
Assistance with domestic transfer
Hotel booking in a safe area
Car pick up from a neighbouring city or railway station.

Airport transfers, Medicines to take back home, Tours to the nearby areas, Laundry, Drinking Water and additional meals (can be arranged as per demand).

During your time at the Shivani Clinic, we ask you to stay in Hotel Shivani International, so that your progress can be monitored and we can make sure you are getting the most from the treatments. All food should be eaten in Restaurant Dal Falco, as it is specially prepared for your requirements.

We keep the meals simple and easy to digest. The food is adapted depending on your dosha (body type).
Morning: Waking up to a glass of hot water or appropriate herbal tea, Walk in nature.
Treatments: The treatments will take place between 9.00am - 4.30pm. each patient will be given allotted timings in advance.
Lunch: Mung dal kichidi with vegetables / Rice with vegetables and mung dal with herbal tea
1- 2pm : Rest

4.30 - 5.30 : Pranayama/meditation/mantra chanting class/Add on therapy as chosen.
5.30 - 6.30: walk in nature in summer and autumn.

6.30- 7.30: Stir fry vegetables, soup, chapatti, and herbal tea.