Shivani Clinic

Special Packages

The Program

You will start with an in-depth consultation with one of our experienced Doctors, where we will take a detailed history regarding your lifestyle, current or past illnesses, and daily habits. We will then be able to diagnose the root cause of the problems you experience, and present you with a unique health care plan. This will include treatments, herbal medicines, and diet and lifestyle modifications.

Based on the type of treatment you select, you will go through eight, five, or four steps of detoxification treatments for your personal conditions. Along with these therapies you will be given daily classical Indian massage to help loosen toxins from various tissues, so the body can start to eliminate them. You will also receive a steam bath or sauna to soften the body, and help with elimination through the skin.

Along with the treatments you can enjoy mantra chanting, meditation, pranayama classes, walks in nature and delicious ayurvedic food, all designed to bring your body back to a place of harmony.

Get ready to pamper yourself with our rejuvenation packages, or intensively cleanse with our detoxification package under expert guidance and observation.


Intensive Detoxification (14-28 days)

This is our signature panchakarma style, which we have carefully designed by adapting the traditional panchakarma techniques to suit your individual needs. This allows us to work specifically with any ailment, to give you the best possible results.

Moderate Detoxification (10-21 days)

This is for the people who want a more gentle way to detoxify and alkalize their body. We specifically recommended this for senior citizens and sensitive people. It includes 5 steps of detoxification therapies chosen according to patient’s requirement.

Initial Consultation
Daily 120 minute session including
Sauna or Steam
Main Therapy (depending on your individual needs) Three detoxifying ayurvedic meals a day (in Dal Falco restaurant)
Post Panchkarama consultation on health maintenance, nutritional guidance, and a prescription of herbs.
Accommodation in Hotel Shivani International

Weight Loss (7-14 days)

Sometimes the body needs a little help, to boost the weight loss process. With this package you can expect specialized treatments to help you come to a healthier weight that you are happy with. To get the best results we require you to first undergo a minimum 2 weeks Intensive Panchakarma.

Anti-Ageing (6 days)

It may seem that life is slipping away and you don’t have as much energy as you once did. Pput a spring back into your step, and bring back your youthful glow with our rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments.

Fertility Enhancement (7-14 days)

Heal your past to prepare for the future journey of parenting. There can be many factors creating problems in conception. We work with your specific problem and adapt treatments to your needs.
Before starting the Fertility enhancement you must complete a minimum two weeks of intensive detoxification to get the best results.

For Men

We work with rejuvenation treatments to improve the sperm count and potency. We also balance the body to promote general health and wellbeing.

For Women

We work to strengthen the body, making the environment more compatible for the foetus to grow. These treatments are helpful to those with a history of miscarriage or who have problems with conceiving at all.

Stress, Insomnia, or Depression (6 days)

Daily living can take its toll, and left untreated small disturbances in the mind can become overpowering. Here at the Shivani Clinic we work with the body mind connection to tackle mental struggles using physical treatments. This combined with consultations can bring the mind back into a state of balance.
For the best results we recommend you prepare with 2 week Intensive detoxification.

Shirodhara Therapy (3 days)

Burn Out (7days)

For anyone who feels exhausted all of time this set of treatments is for you. We can bring back your vitality and re-energize the whole system. For the best results you should do 2 weeks medium detoxification.

Arthritis, Rheumatism, Spondylitis (7 days)

We tackle these deep chronic problems with a variety of intensive therapies. Each day you will either be doing specific meditations, pranayama, or one of our specialised intensive therapies to work deep into your body. Before starting these intensive therapies you should complete at least 2 weeks moderate detoxification to get the best results.

Powerful herbs which target auto-immune problems Three alkalizing ayurvedic meals a day (in Dal Falco restaurant) Post Panchakarma consultation on health maintenance, nutritional guidance Accommodation in Hotel Shivani International

Parkinson and degenerative problems (28 days)

We have had wonderful results on improving and treating many Parkinson patients with our special Vata balancing enema formulations and therapies. We work on rejuvenation and mild cleansing with special care.

Pamper Me (1 day)

An Empowerment week (5 days)

To help you to understand your therapy better, we have designed a course outlining the basic Ayurvedic principles, body type, balance (Prakriti ), imbalance (Vikriti), logic and concepts and how to balance yourself. A home detoxification plan is given along with recipes in order to maintain the effectiveness of the panchakarma or to start to prepare to detoxify before you visit us here in India This compliments any of our treatments by helping you understand the thought process behind our techniques. This can also be done in a e course format via skype.


Only therapy / detoxification plan ( without food and accommodation ) starts from 3500 INR/ 60 dollars per day.
Basic Packages starts from 90 $ per day / 6000 INR all inclusive Accommodation / food / taxes / hotel stay on single occupancy basis.
Customised treatment costing is calculated as per the programme selected due to the variation of the medicine used.