Our Vision:

Our Vision:

To provide In-depth Ayurvedic treatments of the highest quality and to excel in the range of health services.

Our Mission

To help empower our patients with the issues they would like to heal, and help them reach optimal levels of health through our treatments.
To achieve this we uniquely combine ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with a modern psychological approach, well suited to the contemporary needs and lifestyles of the times. We gently encourage our clients to embrace their individuality and support them throughout the holistic process. With this method and our highly professional approach we have become the preferred choice for those looking for deeper understanding and personalized treatment to address, stabilize and balance their health.

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Our Values

Love and Support in the process

A loving atmosphere and positive support while helping our patients find their way back to health is a priority for the team at Shivani Ayurveda. We believe that a calm and relaxing environment reinforces the process of opening up mentally and emotionally as we attend to the physical progress of every patient. We enjoy our work and wholeheartedly strive to make your stay in the Clinic - and the treatment itself - into a comfortable and pleasant experience for all who trust us on the path to optimal precious health.

Respect and Equality

Indian culture traditionally stands for courtesy and respect towards all people. We traditionally see goodness in every human being. Insisting on equality, we at Shivani Clinic take a committed non-biased approach to treatment. Our Shivani Ayurveda team accepts evenly every patient, regardless of nationality, religion, caste, gender, financial status - or their initial state of health in body and mind. In this way, we embrace uniqueness, and the right of each person to have access to the means to be healthy.

Responsibility and Quality of Treatment

Shivani’s style is based on the deep knowledge and the long-term clinical practice and experience of our doctors, as well as on the experience and careful training of our therapists. We take keen responsibility for establishing carefully considered and individualised treatment, as our goal is the ultimate health and well-being of every patient who presents. We do our very best to deliver the highest quality work with the finest selection of herbal medications available.

Harmony – the Holistic Approach

Balance in all body systems including the mind is an essential condition to attaining optimal health. By combining classical techniques of physical treatment with Ayurvedic psychology, we seek to deepen the client’s own grasp of the problem at every level comprehensively, and take full care of our patients at all times. It is our belief that harmony between body mind and spirit is a direct path to happiness.

Self-empowerment – an Independent path towards Health

In order to sustain our patients’ wellness after their treatment in Shivani Ayurveda, we provide professional, safe tools and teach you how to use them conscientiously, on a daily basis. By cooperating with the clinic’s team at the beginning, our patients gently discover their own path towards having a stronger body and a clearer, more powerful mind. We firmly believe that everybody should eventually be ready and able to take their personal healthcare into their own hands, and know how to maintain it.