Treatment of Obesity

Being Obese  can be challenging specially in this era where everyone is so particular about every inch of their looks , whether going for plastic surgery or liposuction , all to get that perfect workout or bikini body .Is that right ? Well it is not a subject to be judged or criticised but a deep need to recognise that how we humans are made to believe that we are not perfect .In my opinion a perfect body is determined by ones body type . A body which is well build and has good energy and metabolism along with a good immunity system is a perfect one .Different types of body exsists ,mordern  science calls it Ectomorph Mesomorph and Endomorph , whereas Ayurveda calls it Vata , pitta , Kapha It is important  to recognise your constitution and then do the steps for weight reduction .A Kapha and Pitta both have the tendency to gain weight .But the one most suseptable to weight gain is A Kapha , as he has less ability to build muscles and has a soft body constitution which makes him have a tendency to have a lot of cellulite and blockage .If  a Kapha type tries to loose weight without increasing the metabolism when  they  the shift to the old/ regular  eating pattern then the weight gain is back and this time  with more less muscles ( due to dieting) .

So What should a Obese person do then ?First of all it is important to understand that the body is too heavy and every effort takes more energy so its not easy for them to change all at once .Give the things the time they need , get a realistic goal and be patient with yourself .Try to analyse and examine the patterns physical and emotional which have led to the weight Gain .Food change is a good start along with metabolism increasing herb like Guggul , Kanchanar along with this a diet which has less dairy , sugar , flour and meat abundant iv vegetables and low glycemic index beans could be a good option .Eating ten time small portions is not good for the Kapha as many get triggered with their taste bud nd end up eating a lot more than regular I I would recommened to have a early lunch around noon supported by a low carbohydrate breakfast and a cereal free lunch every second day .A check on the preserved and packed food is a must due to their high sodium content which leads to water retention which a Kapha is prone to . The factors which bring laziness has to be addressed, for example playing video games , watching television , outdoor activities which are  interesting should be done instead of gymming . Believe me if you are going to  love , understand your body and its need to gain weight / eat excess you are going to go far ahead than loosing weight .The weight loss will be Inevitable along with a peaceful , content and happier you .