Food Affects More Than Just Your Tongue!

“Let food be your medicine” said Hippocrates. True. Food has an effect not just your tongue, stomach and body, but also your mind!

We have to remember that if our body constitution is difficult to change, our mental attitude deeply depends on the food we eat every day.
Ayurveda offers some sound advice for keeping the mind in shape. Let’s follow some basic simple rules to keep a healthy and positive mind in a healthy and positive body.

Ayurveda believes in Sattva/Rajas/Tamas concepts that organize the world, human beings, ideas, acts and food also in these categories:
– Sattva is consciousness, purity, guidance, enlightment, ideas…Sattva is thus light and healthy food that helps the mind to stay focused and alert with fruit and vegetables juices, almonds, rice, fresh yogurt…
–  Rajas is movement, energy, agitation, manifestation of an idea, organization. Rajas in food produce more fire, passion and creativity as pickles, avocado, chocolate, sugar…
– Tamas is lethargy, ignorance, resistance to action, destruction, addiction, darkness. In food, Tamas promote easy and fast eating without consciousness that may depress us: alcohol, meat, micro-waved or frozen food.

We have been through the fact that nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body and mind, the basis itself should be the variety of food and its high quality required (local, organic…) Looking for one’s own diet should also reminds us that a daily routine has to be followed to take the best advantage of it:
– carbohydrates binges and over-use of white flour has to be avoided or less consumed: pasta, pizza, biscuits, cakes, bread are not only heavy in our stomach but are also responsible for rises and drops of blood sugar level.
–  low levels of minerals, vitamins and essential fat acids may affect our mental condition and induce eating dysfunctions and depression.
– we should provide our body a good quality of proteins to sustain a certain level of blood sugar: eggs, nuts, beans instead of meat every day.
-“be caffeine free”! Indeed, we need to stay away from it as much as we can: coffee, Coke, tea… deprive us not only from a good sleep quality but in large quantities lead us to anxiety and depressive symptoms. Moreover, caffeine has a diuretic effect in the body : it encourages the production of urine and leads to dehydration. For this reason, you should not rely on caffeine-based fluids, skip to fresh juices, teas and warm water, limitless!
– small meals are important to keep us light, not overstuffed and hungry enough for the next one. Eating regularly throughout the day (at least 3 meals), also maintains blood sugar level and attention and focus. Missing meals, especially breakfast, leads to a cause of low mood, irritability and fatigue. If you feel hungry between meals you may need to include a healthy snack (for ex. fruit, nuts and cereals)
– snacks are here to remind us to take a daily portion of yummy fresh fruits, nuts and delicious veg. smoothies.
Thanks to these small tips and steps, you should be able to make a choice between bad mood and good food, Bon appétit!!